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BioAlert Solutions’ mission is to create a safer environment by empowering companies to take real-time action resulting in public health and safety. As a leading Legionella expert, we created a series of FREE webinars on different topics to build awareness on Legionella risk assessment, legionella compliance and legionella best practices. We wish to tool building owners, managers and operators to make informed decisions and uphold responsibilities with ease.

Our specialist advisers bring knowledge to help improve water safety and regulatory compliance, reducing incidents and risk at all levels.


  • What is Legionella, who does it impact?
  • Develop your knowledge of best practices in Legionella risk management.
  • Legionella testing methods.
  • The limitations of ASHRAE, CTI, AWT and RBQ regulations to reduce the risk of outbreaks.
  • How to make your water management plan foolproof.
  • How to obtain an innovation point from the WELL Health Safety Rating (SA3) for your building or facility.
  • Hands-on duty holder.


Learn how to get a PHD credit by assisting to our webinar.
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BioAlert Solutions offer 1 hour online live training to professional engineers and architects through the Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc (PIE) PDH programs. Lunch and learn! Our courses are Legionella, Risk Factors and How to make a Building Safe.