Vice President - Founder, M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering

Dominic Carrier

We spoke with my step-father about our idea. As a professional, he was executing maintenance and repairs on cooling towers and immediately told us that it would be revolutionary and the best Legionella management tool on the market if we could invent such a product. R&D, prototyping, getting grants, putting a team together and many uncounted hours to create the perfect recipe and today, I am proud of what we accomplished as a team.

Dominic Carrier started his career after successfully completing his bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Sherbrooke in 2004. He then completed his master’s degree in electrical engineering in 2010, learning to master the fields of biosensing, photonics, numerical simulations, as well as many other complex skills. His academic background, time spent as a research associate and years of freelance work have allowed him to contribute to BioAlert Solutions’ success. As the company’s Vice President and co-founder, Dominic has led the research and development department since its foundation in 2014 with his business partner, Étienne Lemieux. Both entrepreneurs combined their expertise in separate fields and created an innovative solution to stop the spread of Legionella pneumophila in industrial and commercial buildings and to help save lives.

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