Legionella Nightmares

Legionella Nightmares
January 31, 2023


💥 A hotel in Atlanta was forced to close down for several weeks after victims were declared.

💥 Reported USA jury awards have been as high as $6MM and many cases are settled out of court without published settlement amounts.

💥 Judge awards $7.5M to victims of Quebec City Legionnaires' outbreak.

💥In France, UK and Japan, landlords, Duty Holders, Responsible Persons, sentence to hudge fines and prison.

💥 Presence of Legionella in the workplace caused the death of a security officer employee commercial real estate in Gatineau..

💥A paper mill in Quebec stopped its operations for 4 days, which cost 1.2 million dollars in revenues loss.

💥 Legionellosis outbreak associated with a hotel fountain killed three people in Chicago.

💥 Office building cooling tower shutdown after positive results have been received and resulted in the tenant’s transactional servers & data center shutdown making them lose lots of sales.

💥 Bad press nightmare for all these companies to find themselves on google for ever!

Are you responsible for legionella protocols, testing, and public health safety? Do you know what’s going on inside your cooling towers, hot water loops, tanks, fountains, and potable water? Even if you test every 30 days, you are still at risk of exposure. Did you know that it takes only 5 days for Legionella to go from a low risk to causing a deadly outbreak.

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