President - CEO - Founder, Ph.D Cellular Biology - MBA

Étienne Lemieux

We created BioAlert Solutions back in 2014 because we saw that Legionella outbreaks were a real problem and that no known solution existed to help control the presence of the bacteria in industrial and commercial cooling systems. We noticed that most operators and managers were totally blind to what was really going on in their towers, and it is still the case today! Our clients are pleased with the fact that, at all times, they can easily validate the effectiveness of their water treatment. They are minimizing operational efforts while reducing risk!

As BioAlert Solutions’ CEO, Étienne Lemieux ensures the smooth running of the company’s financial activities while implementing its commercial strategy to develop current and potential business partnerships. His rigorous academic background and work experience allow him to excel as a successful entrepreneur at the head of a growing business. He completed a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Cell Biology after graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacology. Throughout his academic career, Étienne also expanded his research capacities by completing a Postgraduate Certificate and developed strong management skills upon the accomplishment of a Master of Business Administration. In 2014, along with his cofounder Dominic Carrier, Étienne created BioAlert Solutions (Formerly SPI Bio Inc.), an innovative company in the bacterial detection field.

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