Based on enhanced qPCR that exploits various scientific advances, including a method adapted to prepare water samples.

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There are several approaches to controlling the proliferation of pathogens in industrial waters. It is possible to prevent the appearance of bacteria by using large quantities of chemicals or disinfecting procedures. However, these methods represent high monetary costs and severe indirect impacts such as premature wear of the infrastructure and harmful environmental discharges. An alternative approach is to do the point analysis of water to determine its bacterial content to assess the number of chemicals needed.

Traditionally, only specialized laboratories had the competencies to perform those kinds of analysis by bacterial culture or quantitative PCR method (polymerase chain reaction). Since 2012, alternative products have emerged on the market. Those products are disposable tests operated similarly to a pregnancy test. They employ a simple detection process called Lateral flow immunochromatographic assay. All techniques described above possess certain disadvantages, which pushed scientists to search for a new, more efficient, and practical solution.

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