What are the 3 ultimate protection results that all companies can hope for?

Financial protection, Moral protection and Environmental protection.

Are you ready? It is not a question of “IF” you will cause an outbreak but “WHEN”!

qPCR measurement method by DNA amplification of all harmful Legionella pneumophila serogroups.

Financial protection

BioAlert Lp15 empowers companies by providing them with test results within 4 hours. Frequent and continuous monitoring can help avoid expensive operational shutdowns and lawsuits associated with Legionella contamination.

Moral protection

BioAlert Lp15 provides results above the required health standards and legal obligations, offering a strong protection against reputational repercussions triggered by highly publicized Legionella outbreaks.

Environmental protection

Our technology helps reduce the use of chemicals during treatments or the discharge of wastewater, which are unavoidable during Legionella decontamination procedures.

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